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Pinned topic Feedback please: CICS TS 5.1 information center restructure

‏2013-02-13T12:19:52Z |
Hi there,
If you are using the CICS TS 5.1 infocenter, I'd really value your feedback.
We had feedback in the past that the information center navigation was too
complicated and folks didn't know where to go for the right task information.
We used to have some information in "content types" (e.g. installing,
configuring, troubleshooting) and some other information in HTML books
(Installation Guide, Customization Guide etc.).
For 5.1, we restructured the information center navigation to make it
simpler and more concise, removing duplicate navigation entries and
presenting the info with a role based focus where possible. We left the PDFs
as they were, as we know folks like to download these as discrete sets of
information. The infocenter now has all its content under these role-based
content types, and we also have a mapping on the PDF page to show exactly
where the content lives - so if I am using the Installation Guide PDF, this
page shows me that all the HTML content lives in Installing. Here's a link
to the PDF page so that you can take a look, and peruse the infocenter if
you haven't yet:

I'd really like to know what you think of the new structure - is it easier
to use, clear where the content lives - or not? If not, suggestions for
improvement please!

While you are there, tell me what you think of the new EBook format we have
introduced for some of our publications in 5.1 :)

Sophie McMonagle
IBM CICS Information Architect