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Pinned topic C++ routine issue

‏2013-02-13T11:23:14Z |

I have one C++ routine in Datastage 7.5 When I call it give below error message

X1: Failed to load the library "V0S2_CLX_Test_X1.so"; either the directory containing the library file
is not on the library search path, or the library was compiled on a system
that is incompatible with this system: Could not load "V0S2_CLX_Test_X1": ld.so.1: osh: fatal: relocation error: file /opt/apps/CDR/ETL/Cdma1/project/RT_BP1528.O/V0S2_CLX_Test_X1.so: symbol __1cIDecToHex6Fx_pc_: referenced symbol not found.

Can someone tell me what is the issue here and possible solution

Thank you
Kshitij Rawat