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Pinned topic Error: Portal's domain is not part of trusted domain list

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Hi All,

We have some COGNOS dashboards running with in the SharePoint (using Cognos web parts) was working fine but we upgraded the COGNOS from 10.1 to 10.2 and since then while opening the dashboard in SharePoint we started getting the below message

"The portal's domain is not part of trusted domain list.Please contact administrator to add the portal's domain to the IBM cognos trusted domain list"

Can you please let me know on what could be wrong here?
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    Re: Error: Portal's domain is not part of trusted domain list


    Has a section which should help you further.

    Valid Domains or Hosts

    The most important property of CAF configuration is the list of valid domains or hosts to allow re-direction to or to allow pulling data from. This refers to functionality such as displaying a feed on a dashboard from an external URL, including pictures from external servers, integrating IBM Cognos TM1 Contributor or redirecting to a Lotus Connection host to create an Activity.

    Each of the scenarios mentioned above requires an entry to be added to the list of valid domains or hosts for the CAF. The CAF will compare the URL used to access an external (to IBM Cognos 10 BI) resource with the list of valid domains or hosts and only if a match is found, the request will be sent to the external resource. This list of explicitly allowed host names or domain suffixes to which access is allowed is often referred to as a white-list. Any URL that is not on the white-list would be blocked by CAF. One can specify a host name in NetBIOS notation (e.g. “MyServer”) or specify domain suffixes using wild cards (e.g. * to allow all hosts from a specific domain.

    The comma separated list is specified in IBM Cognos Configuration under the Security > IBM Cognos Application Firewall > Valid domains or hosts property.

    The Best Practice is to explicitly name the hosts if possible and use more general domain suffix specifiers in trusted networks only.