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Pinned topic Question about host to volume mapping

‏2013-02-12T21:10:10Z |
Hi, I have a Bladecenter with 6 blades. First 3 blades host the production environment, the other 3 blades host test and lab environment.

A DS3400 is attached with FC to blade fc switches, and I configured 3 logical volumes:
  • Vol01-PRD (Will contain vmware disks for production blades).
  • Vol02-TST (Will contain vmware disks for test and lab blades).
  • Vol03-TPL (Will contain the templates of virtual machines).
Then I configured 2 host groups: PRD (contains the first 3 blades) and TST (contains the other 3 blades).
Then I configured the host group PRD to map Vol01-PRD and host group TST to map Vol-02-TST. This is because I want that PRD and TST environments MUST NOT SEE the other environment disks.
I would like to map the volume Vol03-TPL to be shared by both environments but I can't find a way to do this: I can't assign a volume to more than one host group......

Do you have any suggestion?