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Pinned topic Making a component non-modifiable

‏2013-02-12T20:22:52Z |
I have a component in a project that has been modified, but I'd like to now make it so it cannot be changed. Is there a way to do this? I know I can't make it non-modifiable in the project properties since it has been modified in the project already, and I can't remove it from the project for the same reason. I can't lock the elements because the component is part of another project that I do want it to be modifiable in. Any ideas how I can lock it down in one project, but not another?
  • Tgefen
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    Re: Making a component non-modifiable

    You've already modified it in that project, and that's a problem.
    Technically, you can change releveant config-spec to lock checkouts, but actually you have to maintain all relevant views... and it's UCM... not so recommended.

    Probably the best approach is to open a new project or use the current one and move the development to another stream. However not sure if you can afford it.

    Tamir Gefen, GoMidjets