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Pinned topic IBM System x3400 Model 7976KJG raid-1 no operating system found

‏2013-02-12T14:31:20Z |
we have a server x3400 7976KJG with raid-1 configuration. On Thursday morning, the server has suddenly stopped working. My colleagues have gone into the server room and found the message "operating system not found." From the pictures they sent me I found that the hard disk 0 of the raid had an orange light the hd 1 had a green light. I have verified that the second drive contains all the information attaching to another PC and fortunately still has everything, both the filesystem and our data. I did a backup and then I attached on the correct slot into the server.
I ordered a new hard drive ibm and I did insert it on the slot 0, maintaining the order in which they were installed. Despite various reboot the raid still does not work. I did ctrl + a and I went into the menu, I tried to "manage array" but there is no array configured.
I did init for the new drive and tried to reboot, but the system still does not start.
I tried to create a "new array" and the slot 1 drive is greyed, while the slot-0 drive (the new one) is selectable. I really don't undestand what I should do to repair the system, according the manual and the online documentation it should do everything automatically... any help please ? Why the slot-1 drive is greyed ? What does it mean ?