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Pinned topic SOA Sandbox simply doesn't open

‏2013-02-12T09:46:12Z |
Am trying to start the sandbox session, but i keep getting 'Connection refused' message on a new window.
Below is the URL which i can see in the new window.

Read few of the other threads in this forum and tried installing citirx client version 3.3 also, but i get the same error message. Anybody having the same issue and know the fix ??
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    Re: SOA Sandbox simply doesn't open

    It maybe the firewall block citrix connection to Sandbox. You need open outgoing port range 10001 - 10230 and 5001 - 5230. If you know your VM ID , ex , you just need open port 10141 and 5141.
    By the way, the easy way to check if you been blocked by firewall, you could use telnet. ex. telnet 10141 and telnet 5141 . If you could connect , it will show some info - ex."Connected to".