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Pinned topic ClearCase Explorer not responding

‏2013-02-12T07:15:30Z |

It happens more and more in our environment that a ClearCase Explorer hangs when it's not being used for a while.
The only workaround I found so far, is to start a new ClearCase Explorer and to kill the old one. The new one reacts immediately.

Another problem we have with the CC Explorer, is that we get error messages "Error communicating with VOB database". In such cases, also the ClearCase Explorer has to be closed.

Our environment:
  • ClearCase 8.0
  • clients: XP and Windows7
  • VOB/license/registry server: linux (RH5)
  • interop: SAMBA (security=ads)
  • snapshot and dynamic views

We had the same problems (but less frequently) when we were on ClearCase 6, with a Solaris server.

Does anybody knows what the root cause is of these problems and how to ensure that they don't happen anymore ?