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Pinned topic linksets with modules

‏2013-02-12T06:43:42Z |
Hi. I'm new to DOORS dxl and trying to link objects from one formal module to other formal module objects.
I cannot run link by attributes since this object is currently located within a table. I will need to filter out with requirement prefix names from one module, and then I assume I run the link dxl to other module to make links, but any help will be greatly appreciated.

It goes like: linking SSS-1 from module A table to module B(SSS-1 is in the table from module A)

module A

ID Location Req Test
1 xxx SSS-1 xxx
xxx SSS-3 xxx
2 xxx SSS-6 xxx
xxx SSS-7 xxx

module B

ID Req
1 SSS-1
2 SSS-6
3 SSS-7