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Hi everybody,

I'm working in a graph optimization problem in which I'm looking for a special kind of tree (actually, I'm dealing with a digraph, looking for a special kind of arborescence).

Some variable used in my formulation are:
1. y_ij: indicating that node j is reached from node i.
2. z_i: indicating node i is leaf.

When looking to solution arcs (those related with variable y_ij), and based on the formulation, it is possible to figure out a custom branch strategy which will lead to 3 children nodes:
1. y_ij = 1; z_i = 0; z_j = 1;
2. y_ij = 1; z_i = 0; z_j = 0;
3. y_ij = 0

How can I deal with that with Cplex? As far as I know, when using method CPXsetbranchcallbackfunc, it is only possible to generate 2 children node for each parent node. Is there any way to overcome that?

Best regards.

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    Re: Custo Branching Strategies

    You can write your branch callback to create two "children", one of which is destined to be split into child 2 and child 3. The instructions for how to split the "metachild" can be attached to the "metachild" as "private data" (via the userhandle argument). I have a diagram here.


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