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Pinned topic How do i call setLog in Basic

‏2013-02-11T22:06:02Z |
How do i call setLog() function in BASIC ?

Sub note_to_o_user_ValueChanged(fieldname)
' fieldname As String
' record type name is DEFECT
' field name is Note_to_O_User
REM This hook will be run each time the field's value
REM changes. This hook is run before
REM the new value is validated
REM so be aware the new value may not be valid.
REM Example:
REM Dim op_sys
REM op_sys = GetFieldValue(fieldname).GetValue()
REM If op_sys = "windows" Then
REM SetFieldValue "os_version", "NT 4.x"
REM <etc.>
REM End If

SetLog($fieldname, "O_User_Log");

End Sub
Validating Schema...
EntityDef "DEFECT": Validation failure from the HookDef language processor:
EntityDef "DEFECT", FieldDef "Note_to_O_User", HookDef of type "FIELD_VALUE_CHANGED":
Invalid character
The complete DEFECTipt text has been written to file C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\1\cq_vbDEFECTipt_11022013165044.txt

1 error(s) found

Validating Form(s)...
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    Re: How do i call setLog in Basic

    You cannot call Perl function from VBScript. You need to implement SetLog in VBScript (or change schema Windows language to Perl and use it for all hooks).