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I was trying to write a value change hook which logs information typed in Field 1 to filed2 (RO) same as notes logs. I am calling the same function setLog() which is used for "Notes Log" in perl.

I have my scripting language as "BASIC" the above function did not work until i changed the scripting language to "PERL"

Question is why it is working for "Notes Log" ( with BASIC script language)and not for the new field, What happens if i have some hooks in BASIC and i change the scripting language to "PERL" will all the BASIC hooks will stop working

can i have mixed/match scripting language ?

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    Re: Basic and perl hooks


    setLog is a part of Notes package. In ClearQuest, a package can use programming language different from the schema language. In this case, the package uses Perl even when your schema Windows language is set to VBScript.