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Pinned topic Core dumps on Linux WebSphere when using CQ API

‏2013-02-11T21:01:02Z |
Can someone help me with a coredumping problem I'm having involving the CQ API? I maintain a number of webservices via a WebSphere install on a Linux 64-bit RHEL5 machine. Some of these webservices have nothing to do with ClearQuest and they run fine, never leading to coredumps.

For the webservices that involve ClearQuest, the server machine also has installed a ClearQuest client configured to connect to our CQ database on a separate machine. The client's stpwvcm.jar, stpcmmn.jar, cqjni.jar and stpcq.jar have been included in the server's classpath. After a request is fielded on the server side, my code utilizes the api from these jars to instantiate CQ objects and query and update CQ records in the database. "CQ Web" is not involved.

This process works fine much of the time, but not infrequently produces coredumps. The coredumps do not seem to correlate with the volume of server traffic. Oftentimes we can handle large volumes of requests with no problem. At others, just a small handful of requests will seem to cause a coredump. In fact, we've seen coredumps when seemingly no activity was happening at all. There appear to be waves of such coredumping, over a period of an hour or so, then the system will stabilize again for long periods. It's almost as if we were hitting some sort of refresh window, except that the timing of this instability is unpredictable. Occasionally, but not always, these dumps are accompanied by javacore files which point to stacktraces to various CQ native methods, such as cqjni/CQAdminSession.logon(), for example.

This all leads me to believe that there is some incompatibility between either the Linux machine or our WebSphere install and ClearQuest. I should mention that though the machine is 64-bit, our Websphere support team was forced to install WebSphere at 32-bit, in order to accommodate the 32-bit CQ jars. I don't know if this would cause a problem or not. CQ Support has been unable to answer this question. Does anyone else have an idea? Thanks.
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    Re: Core dumps on Linux WebSphere when using CQ API

    Forgot to mention that CQ is 8.0, WebSphere is 7.0.