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Pinned topic issue in excel 2000 single sheet

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we have a report in c8 and it has data of more than 65000 rows(nearly 1 lakh). the customer wants all the data to be shown in a single sheet. as we have a restriction to have only upto 65000 in excel 2007 and later versions, the next data is shown in the next sheet. for achieving this we suggested the customer to run it in excel 2000 single sheet, but they are saying that they are facing some issues in excel 2000 single sheet (there is a first page which has a table of contact like data and they are saying that it is merged and not shown properly) and also after 65000 rows the columm headers are repeated in the sheet.

they say they do not have any problem in excel 2007 except to have data in multiple sheets.

is there a work around to achieve this in 2007 (single sheet) or to avoid the repeated column headers in excel 2000 single sheet?

and they are also asking whether cognos supports excel 2010?

please suggest something as it is an urgent requirement.
Thanks in advance
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    Re: issue in excel 2000 single sheet

    There was a hybrid data dump export switch put into the product a while back. It gives you some of the formatting and removes some of the data volume limitations.

    I am not sure how it is going to handle your column merging but it maybe worth a try.