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Pinned topic Error when getting WODM to call a Java Class

‏2013-02-11T16:56:18Z |

I am getting the below error when i try to call a Java Class from WODM.

java.lang.LinkageError: loading constraint violation when resolving method
: loader
of class
and loader
of class "org/apache/http/impl/client/AbstractHttpClient"
have different types for the method signature

The JAVA class is very simple and calls a BPM REST service using a http client. If i run the Java class by itself then it works and a new BPM process instance is started. However when i try to call the JAVA class from the ODM Execution Server i get the error.

It looks like there is a conflict of Java classes, can anyone help and suggest what a solution to this could be?
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    Re: Error when getting WODM to call a Java Class


    I think this is not the right forum for your question.
    Here we deal with ILOG ODME, not WODM