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Pinned topic JVMDUMP027W message: Guidance to get heapdumps?

‏2013-02-11T16:12:56Z |
My customer requires heapdumps for diagnostics, but are getting the following in
stderr log
native_stderr.log.021113005001:JVMDUMP027W The requested heapdump has not been produced because another component is holding the VM exclusive lock.

This is on Websphere JVM.

The infocenter basically says, "Wait and try again later", but what if you absolutely must have the heapdump? Is there a way to force the heap dump
(like, another kill switch or kill swith combination?)
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    Re: JVMDUMP027W message: Guidance to get heapdumps?

    You can add the JVM option


    This will turn off the request for exclusive access. Be aware that the reason we ask for exclusive access is so that no Java heap can be mutating the heap. By disabling exclusive access you run the risk that your heapdump will be corrupt.