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I would appreciate if someone could help me to understand the difference between:

library - program - Service and Handler and when use one instead of another; is it possible to make a comparison with the world RPGILE (Programs, modules, Service program )

Thanks in advance.

I have tried to some documents but the difference is not clear
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    Re: Help to better understand Logic Parts


    • An EGL Program part has 1 entry point (function main()). It can be called from other EGL parts like an other program or a service or a handler, but not from a ruihandler. This is because ruihandlers are generated into JavaScript, while programs, services and JSF handlers are generated into Java. So a Program part resembles a standard RPG program.
    • An EGL Library part can have many entry points (functions). It can be used from programs, services, JSF handlers as wel as from ruihandlers. It resembles an RPG Service Program.
    • An EGL Service part is similar to a library but it is called over HTTP by an other application. So it doesn't have a direct RPG counterpart. The RPG always needs to be wrapped by Java or an other language that can expose itself as a webservice.
    • An EGL JSF Handler part handles input of a JSF page, more or less like an RPG program handling the input on a Display File. It is generated into Java.
    • An EGL Rich UI Handler part defines the GUI and handles the user interaction of a JavaScript application.