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Pinned topic WebSphere DMZ Secure Proxy with Maximo and access to attachments

‏2013-02-11T14:57:52Z |
Hi. I've problem with attachments at my Maximo (SCCD) configuration.. I've dmz secure proxy implemented (dmz network) which redirects external users to my sccd app server (internal network). I works fine, internal users (AD domain) can log in (SSO) and create SR's. My external users (based at TDS) can log in (login and password prompt) and can request a service..

But Ive two problems..
1) I'd like to hide path to doclink for my internal users. Now they can put url in web browser serveripadress/ATTACHEMENTS and they can see directory structure and its content.. I use mxe.doclink.secureAttachement which change file names but when I'd like to look at my attachmnet from self service center I get error (java error in attach)..

Error 404: C:\DOCLINKS\MENTS12.pdf (The system cannot find the file specified.)
My file real name is 12.pdf system can't find file MENTS12.pdf bacause it doesn't exist. How can I secure my path in SCCD?

2) I'd like to let my external users to see attachments which they attach to SR.. They can attach files but they can see them, becasue when the click to attachment it points to appservername/Attachments/filename.pdf and they can't reach to this servername because its in internal network.. Is there any solutions (it should be secure) to make it happen.

How can I use different doclink path for two types if usrers.. Attachements form external users should land for example in server1/doclink/external and from internal users in server2/doclink/internal (it can be my current sccdappserver).