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Pinned topic AppScan Enterprise 8.5 User roles and Permissions

‏2013-02-11T14:26:06Z |

I would like to un like to customize the user permissions at folder level and the jobs administrators role at folder level should not be allowed to perform the following tasks in AppScan Enterprise 8.5:
• delete folders
• edit, and delete templates in Templates folders
• edit and delete scan jobs
• edit and delete dashboards

How can I setup so users at folder level can only create scans based on the template we choose by default and run scans. Let me know.

  • warrenm1
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    Re: AppScan Enterprise 8.5 User roles and Permissions


    Job administrators in ASE will always be able to perform those tasks on in any folder, you might want to consider using Standard users or Quickscan users. Define whatever templates/policies you want them to have in their user properties, then have them run the scans in their user folders and create reports tied to those jobs in your global folder(s), for which these users are only report consumers.

  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: AppScan Enterprise 8.5 User roles and Permissions


    I agree with Trinathy. We are an enterprise organization and multiple users will be working on the same application or many different applications. Because of this, the only thing that makes sense for reporting purposed is to have tests placed into a business/component based hierarchy. When I do this I can pull reports/dashboards off of the component or business without having to dig through all of the stuff an individual places in their own folder which may or may not be necessary for the metrics I am collecting.

    if there was a way to cusomize permissions at the folder level would be a boost for ASE IMHO.Since you can only grant some type of ADMIN permission in these folder I run into a legal issue of people who are not admins deleting scans.