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Pinned topic Embedding Cognos Reports: Assorted Easy Beginner Questions

‏2013-02-11T14:15:53Z |

My supervisor is evaluating whether or not to purchase and get going with Cognos. One of our central questions is if we can embed Cognos reports in our own websites. I found this great article here that says it can be done in Microsoft Internet Explorer for "Cognos Now!".

Is "Cognos" the same as "Cognos Now!" ?

The article is about 3 years old.

Is it possible to embed Cognos reports in web sites that will also be displayed in Chrome, Firefox and Safari? If so, can anyone point me to an article similar to the one I quoted, but showing how to do it in a multi-platform manner?

Lastly, is there a public reference implementation of Cognos up and running somewhere that I could use to test out embedding reports from as a demonstration?

Thanks much in advance either way for any information