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Pinned topic application failed connecting to the service

‏2013-02-11T10:07:26Z |

I have developed an application in android environment. It was working fine in worklight console as well as android mobile phones(both 2.x and 4.x version). But i tried to access the application in android 4.0.4 version tablet. Now i'm getting error as "The application failed connecting to the service."

And another problem with my application is,

in android mobile phones, the first time application working. But for the second time it was hanged. Can't move to next page.

Need Help! Thanks in advance.

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    Re: application failed connecting to the service

    Hanged in what way? Please provide the logcat once the hang happens? What else happens, is the application stuck with a busyindicator or just stuck?
    The same for the tablet issue - provide logcat.

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