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Pinned topic Elements is an ClearCase.Application Child - Why?

‏2013-02-11T07:15:29Z |

Actually I try to get a little bit of control of clearCase by using its automatisation object. This Object has the childs "Views" a listing of all availiable views and "VOBs" a list of it's VOBs.

An Element is definde by it's path


Based on ClearCase.Application you can use the routine "Element". There you have to insert the path to the element "mountingDrive:\nameView\nameVob\pathToElement\nameElement".

Based on a View it should be: "nameView\nameVob\pathToElement\nameElement"

And based on a Vob: "nameVob\pathToElement\nameElement"

The idea behind this: I must not know the value of the mounting drive. If I have an element based on a view or a vob, I can get it's physically path by using it's path attribute and my software will still keep runing even if this parameter has been changed.

So: How do I can define an element by using a view or a vob.

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