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Pinned topic What is WebView, is it different from NativeWebView?

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Hi Team
What is WebView Where the Worklight application runs, How it is different form NativeWebView, Can we see the webview physically on the device?
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    Re: What is WebView, is it different from NativeWebView?


    A webView is what you see on the device's screen when launching a Worklight Hybrid application.
    A Hybrid application is based on a native container, that the webView lives within. It has its limitations as it is based on web programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but can be extended by Cordova plug-ins to access device feautres (such as Compass, Camera, etc), as well as Worklight APIs that allow you to traverse between web and native.

    A nativeView, or a native page simply, is just that. It is a "page" created using the platform's tools and programming language.

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