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Pinned topic can we deploy the noraml webapplications[EAR/WAR] in Worklight

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Hi Team
i have a strange usecase, is there any possibility to develop my traditional web applications in the sense, the web applications which we develop in RAD and deploy in WAS with backend as DB2 in the Worklight environment and deploy them in the Worklight server at the end of the day and make use of the Worklight metric anlytics.

So basically what iam looking for here is, if we can do this, then i no need pay for 2 hosting environments one for WAS for my traditional web applications deployment and one for my Worklight applications.
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    Re: can we deploy the noraml webapplications[EAR/WAR] in Worklight

    When you say "Worklight environment", to which to you refer? Development or production? under which configuration?

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