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Pinned topic How to start DB2 on RedHat

‏2013-02-09T09:11:35Z |
I installed DB2 on RedHat, after installation I started and it worked very well. The problem arose when I had to reboot the machine and DB2 had not yet been included in the services to start at boot RedHat.

Now I no longer start.

On RedHat machine I have the root account, then during the installation of DB2 I was asked to create an administrator account for DB2, and an account of the owner instance. I then three accounts:

-RedHat root account
-Admin DB2 account
-Owner instance DB2 account

Now how do I start DB2, so that the account owner instance can execute the query?

And then how do I put in the DB2 service to start at boot RedHat?
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    Re: How to start DB2 on RedHat

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    To start the instance manually execute the db2start command as the instance owner. To start it automatically you'd need to add a script performing this task to your init.d directory (or systemd, if that's what you use).