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‏2013-02-09T06:05:38Z |
Is there any table for (mtm-model) to specific the character of model number ?
for exampel " 8870-LQT " the " LQT " what does it mean ?
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    Re: system x mtm-model

    There used to be an easy way to find that information, but IBM made changes to their site 18 months ago (probably because it was too convenient). The model parts lookup pages seem to be gone now.

    There are two places to look.

    On the right side of the page, click 'product descriptions' to get some info of the original configuration.

    2. Go to ibmredbooks or google 'usxref' or 'usxref-w' and get the pdf. It will contain the original model configurations. They update this periodically and drop off descriptions for older systems, so you may need to look for an older version.
    The 8870 portion of the model generally defines a planar main board that is used in a machine. The LQT (or whatever) suffix defines how the box was configured (disks, memory, risers, CD, OS etc).

    I am guessing that you misread the suffix, 1QT rather than LQT.