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I have a unix windows mixed environment and clearcase 2003.06.00 is setup. We have individual owning group for each VOBs, the user is finding it difficult to change the primary group each time he has to work on a different VOB. He wants to be able to change the Primary group without restarting the session or should be able to set multiple values for CLEARCASE_PRIMARY_GROUP.

I understand that clearcase 7.0 has a workaround using CLEARCASE_GROUPS variable.

Is there any pointers or any scripts that can help?

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    Re: Multiple Primary groups

    A user can define the user environment variable CLEARCASE_GROUPS on Windows to include all of the VOB groups that they belong to in the form:


    This is necessary for ClearCase when a user belongs to more than 32 ?Windows groups, see

    This will allow the user to checkout and checkin files from any VOB for which they are a member of the VOB group or additional groups.

    However, in order to add files to source control, CLEARCASE_PRIMARY_GROUP must be set to the the VOB's primary group for which new elements are being added (or possibly to an additional group depending on how you manage your VOB data). You can use the nplogon command to update your Windows credentials after modifying the CLEARCASE_PRIMARY_GROUP user env var, then re-start any CC tools that were started before the env var(s) were changed.

    This can be automated by obtaining the ClearCase groups that the user belongs to and setting the CLEARCASE_GROUPS user env var, but it still needs to be run by the user.

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