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Pinned topic Reduce attributes list to type

‏2013-02-08T10:08:26Z |

can someone test the following code:

Set oReqTypes = oProject.ReqTypes   aTyps = Array() 
' atyps = Array("elh", "eph", "eds", "eut", "eit", "esr") aTyps = Array(
"eph")   For Each sTyp In aTyps 
' Debug.Print sTyp   Set oReqs = oProject.GetRequirements(sTyp, eReqsLookup_TagPrefix, eReqWeight_Heavy)   
' With Workbooks("reqpro_lesen.xls").Sheets("Tabelle1") 
'  .Cells(1, 1).Value = "Tag" 
'  .Cells(1, 2).Value = "Text"   For Each oreqtype In oReqTypes For Each oReqAttr In oreqtype.Attrs 
'  .Cells(1, j).Value = oReqAttr.Label & " - " & oreqtype.Name Debug.Print oReqAttr.Label & oreqtype.Name   Next Debug.Print 
"----" Next   i = 2 For Each vkey In oReqs Set oreq = oReqs.Item(vkey) 
'  .Cells(i, 1).Value = oReq.Tag 
' .Cells(i, 2).Value = oReq.Text   
'   Debug.Print oreq.Tag & " "; oreq.Text; " " Set cAttrVals = oreq.AttrValues   For Each oAttrVal In cAttrVals 
'    .Cells(i, j).Value = oattrval.Text 
'   Debug.Print " " & oAttrVal.Text   Next   Next 
'  End With Debug.Print 
"---" Next

I would like to display the attributes only of the type that is actual in the array.

But reqtypes does not accept a parameter ? I am a bit confused with the data structure of reqpro and need help.

There is a second option to get the Type: described in the ReqPro help with title:
"Modyfying Requisite Attribute Values", using the Requirement.AttrValues Property

However, this is on requirement level, and I want to print the attribute label only once as header, not for every req.