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Pinned topic Pass month value from date as a parameter

‏2013-02-08T08:32:21Z |

I have some report in Cognos which has two separated columns: Year and Month (not date). So, I must use date parameter (calendar) to get Month and Year from selected date.
So, I tried this solution: MONTH IN (?substring(ParamValue('Month'),6,2)?) where my date is dd-mm-yyyy format.
So, in this case, I should get the "mm" value, but it doesn't work.

Can anyone help with this?

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    Re: Pass month value from date as a parameter

    Assuming your Date field is a date data type, you could use the extract function.

    Although I would stick with the above there are some DB specifc functions available too.
    year(DateColumn) MSSQL
    to_char(Date_Column,'MM') Oracle