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Pinned topic EGL Batch programs in Cobol and UTF-8 - hints ?

‏2013-02-08T07:41:16Z |
We must handle UTF-8 with japanese and arabic characters in EGL Batch programs - generated as Cobol on z/OS, and maintaining the data in DB2 v9 for z/OS.

Have anyone prior experience in that area ?
Any tips or pitfalls ?

I think (hope ? ) that I understand most of the general issues regarding handling DB2 data - in DBRM members and BIND statements. And also not mixing DB2 tables in EBCDIC encoding and Unicode encoding.
But I would like to know if there are any specific EGL related stuff.


Morten Hansen
IBM Denmark
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  • markevans
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    Re: EGL Batch programs in Cobol and UTF-8 - hints ?


    I don't know a lot of folks who have used UTF-8 in our generated COBOL mainly because their data is not yet.

    As you probably have already seen, there are two datatypes for UTF-8... Those would be Unicode (fixed length) and STRING (variable length). Both generate out to the COBOL Datatype of PIC N.

    We had one customer who did a lot in this area and other than some functions/support which we added for National numerics, I don't remember anything special about it.

    take care.
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    Re: EGL Batch programs in Cobol and UTF-8 - hints ?

    Hi Mark
    thanks for your answer.
    We will give it a try, and get back to the forum when/if we have some updates.

    take care

    Morten Hansen
    IBM Denmark