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Pinned topic declareRecord workflow -- quick question on...

‏2013-02-07T23:47:25Z |
I am learning more about "Record Types" in the RM / IER structure.

We have created our Record Types and applied them to our disposition schedules.

My record decleration workflow looks as follows:

Launch Step --> Get Props from CM (from document) --> declareRecord (RM Component Step) --> Terminate Workflow.

One of the properties that I gather and pass to the record decleration is the "DocumentType" property.

I also want to use this value to determine what record type the document is delcared under -- I was going to simply add for my PropertyNames (in the declareRecord step) -- the "AssociatedRecordType" and then for the value it would be DocumentType.

However this is not working -- can someone point me in the right direction as this would help out our record decleration process.