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Pinned topic MQ to FTP write and UOW

‏2013-02-07T23:20:44Z |
Hi ,

I have a scenarion in which which want to pick XML message from MQ and write it to a FTP server over SSL.

I am thinking about how reliability can be implmented in this transaction. If FTP write fails, the message read from the Get Queue will be deleted?

What if we want want to write the MQ message to a retry /backout queue after two unsuccessful FTP retries.Is it achievable?

Can we control the unit of work per message while writing the message to FTP server?

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    Re: MQ to FTP write and UOW

    That is possible; please note though; that if the ftp write suceeds; but then for some reason the network is broken before the FTP code can be sent back to DataPower; then there is always the possibility that the FTP file will be written twice.
    You can prevent message loss; but in this usecase you cannot guarantee once-and-only-once message ordering.