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Pinned topic GPFS question from FAQ

‏2013-02-07T22:04:00Z |
Have a client who asked the following question:

It looks like there is good progress made on GPFS support for VMware.


2. GPFS V3.5 NSD servers has been tested with VMWare ESXi5.1 pass-through disks and is supported with the following limitations:

o Only Pass-through Raw Device Mapping (RDM) with physical compatibility mode is supported.

o Use of GPFS in conjunction with vSphere Fault Tolerance (FT) and migration with vSphere vMotion is not supported.
Does this mean FT + VMotion is not supported?

Or is FT not supported and regardless of FT, VMotion is not supported either?

Please advise!

Pete Dragovich
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    Re: GPFS question from FAQ

    Thanks for your query. It does not support:
    1) vSphere Fault Tolerance
    2) vSphere vMotion