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‏2013-02-07T19:40:30Z |
When does the contents of a new GKB take effect?

Is a new Discovery Load with REMATCH=Y set required?

When I say take effect I mean when will previous discrepancies / not identified products/ vendors be rectified.

Thanks Phil
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    Re: New GKB Installed

    Hi Phil,

    When updating the GKB in order for the new updates to take effect you have to rematch your IQ data so the updates can take effect. Using FULLREMATCH=Y will make sure that all the data in the Repository is rematched regardless if it has changed. the default is to only match data that has changed since the last IQIMPORT. This is faster but if the data was not matched and the library has not changed then even having the correct data in the GKB the data will not be matched. So every now and then do a FULLREMATCH=Y is you have any doubt. It takes longer to run compared to the FULLREMATCH but you know that any GKB updates will be applied.

    Hope this helps.

    Jim K.