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Pinned topic WSRR Eclipse Plugin - port out of range:-1

‏2013-02-07T18:15:45Z |
The plugin configuration page seems to be set up correctly. I've copied certs from the secure WSRR box to the eclipse machine and set up passwords. The test connection button works on the setup page.

But when trying to browse WSRR artifacts using the plugin it returns the error "port out of range:-1"

Has anyone else seen this? WSRR v8.0 and plugin installed from SA02 supportpac
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    Re: WSRR Eclipse Plugin - port out of range:-1

    The SA02 supportpac (Eclipse plugin) has been included with the product since WSRR v6.3. The version of the plugin included with WSRR v8.0 is much newer than what is provided by SA02.

    I would therefore recommend that you try using the plugin from the WSRR v8.0 client instead of the SA02 supportpac.

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