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Pinned topic WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version 8.6 Fix Pack 1 available for download!

‏2013-02-07T16:57:24Z |
WebSphere® eXtreme Scale Version 8.6 Fix Pack 1 includes fixes for internal defects and usability improvements.

The WebSphere eXtreme Scale Trial and WebSphere eXtreme Scale for Developers - Liberty Profile images were also updated to They can be found here.

Here is a list of the APARs included in the Fix Pack. Please be advised some of the documents are still being published so some of the links may not work.

PM77266: A workspace conflict causes containers to not start.
PM77272: The command, xscmd -c suspendBalancing, which is used to suspend balancing is not working correctly.
PM77443: The management concentrator does not remove listeners on closed or failed JMX connections.
PM77477: The xscmd command might not connect if one of the catalogs is unavailable, even with multiple catalog endpoints defined.
PM77540: Session creation within a data grid agent causes an exception and a client timeout when data grid security is enabled.
PM77856: Reduce synchronization for HTTP sessions that have been retrieved from the remote data grid to eliminate deadlocks.
PM77861: After application server failover, HTTP session binding listeners might not be called back properly.
PM77893: Orphan threads are not cleaned up after stopping the server with the ServerFactory.stopServer() method.
PM77948: The TargetNotAvailableException exception occurs when you set the RequestRetryTimeout value to 0 and use COPY_TO_BYTES.
PM78385: When entries of object properties are removed with the ClientSecurityConfigurationFactory.getClientSecurityConfiguration.
PM78395: An OptionalDataException is seen while running a query against a liberty server.
PM78397: Unnecessary synchronization limits XC10 performance.
PM78407: The HTTP session creation time WebSphere eXtreme Scale is incorrect after application server failover.
PM78414: .NET Client non-English messages are not displayed in non-English environment.
PM78470: ClassnotfoundException on the channel framework when running client with third party JDK.
PM78492: SpecialKeys are displayed for dynacache grids when using XIO.
PM78825: ObjectMap output format is ignored by HashIndex find methods when XDF is enabled.
PM78827: When an unsigned 64-bit integer is used within a class in a C# application an FFDC record is generated.
PM78841: Monitor console is slow to retrieve statistics.
PM78867: Embedded catalogs and remote standalone WXS containers using XIO receive catalog service endpoints with a port of 0 defined.
PM78869: Running xscmd -c showNotificationHistory command against a list of catalog servers may result in inconsistent message results.
PM78875: When using COPY_TO_BYTES CopyMode and eXtremeIO, both serialization plug-ins are available on the BackingMap.
PM78876: ObjectMap.clear() API or agent calls in a client located in the same JVM as the container server, timeouts may occur.
PM78878: xscmd -c showReplicationState stops returning data when a container is dropped.
PM78936: Running XIO with COPY_TO_BYTES map fails with assertionerror when using map collections with the -ea JVM argument.
PM78938: Users are required to provide more security parameters than should be required.
PM78945: Application may get stale data from MapGlobalIndex API because the global index update process is default to asynchronous.
PM78950: An XS catalog server throws java.Io.IOException in remote JMX listener during startup, while continuing to process requests.
PM79085: Startup failures may be seen when using very large topologies.
PM79151: When using XIO and COPY_TO_BYTES the readobject method the readobject method is not invoked.
PM79165: Access Denied exception running XIO and Security enabled on WAS85 WXS clients.
PM79166: Catalog server will not start up on 8600 cf1 after rolling upgrade from 8503 to 8600 cf1.
PM79168: XC10 upgraded mixed collective fails to initialize.
PM79169: xscmd -c showmapsizes is not working with XIO on Liberty.
PM79276: Import/export conflicts between traditional WAS packages provided by WXS and packages provided by Liberty.
PM79317: xscmd -c showReplicationState command not returning data after inserting for over 20 minutes when security is enabled.
PM79338: The file channel-outbound.Xml or channel.Xs.Xsd was not loaded properly.
PM79445: Time-to-live eviction fails when you change the time-to-live value from no timeout to having a timeout.
PM80420: Using AdminTasks scripting to configure catalog service domains may cause catalog servers to not appear started.
PM80450: Query data grid console shows the first 50 characters of a key and truncates the rest.
PM80587: The xscmd command, -c showMapSizes, does not retrieve all addresses.
PM81026: ClassNotFoundException hides original exception when using XIO transport.
PM81046: Write behind with MMR domains: LoaderException, KeyNotFoundException with "delete over delete is not allowed"
PM81177: Agent calls or use of the clear API hangs when AvailabilityException is expected for XIO transport.
PM81179: With initial state set to preload the grid spends a short time in online state.
PM81708: StateManager.getObjectGridState() fails with TargetNotAvailableException repeatedly.
PM81901: Session run time fails to insert data into WXS grid for was 6.1.0.X embedded catalogs and containers.
PM82120: xscmd -c showmapsizes fails to display data after session data is entered into grid with security enabled.
PM82123: xscmd in Liberty is throwing the below error for every command.
PM82129: Console monitor connects to catalogs but fails to display statistics when ORB ports are used.
PM82133: Grid statemanager fails when called before grid is up.
PM82135: When starting a catalog server with ObjectGrid trace, a NullPointerException will stop the catalog from coming up.
PM82147: When running an app in same JVMas container/catalog, if a failure occurs, a reconnection may not happen.
PM82148: Tracing in WXS+Liberty's xscmd tool does not work.
PM82149: When starting catalog server cluster, it results in a ClassNotFoundException and the second server hangs.
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