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Pinned topic How to control First Date and Last date parameters dynamically ?

‏2013-02-07T16:35:34Z |
We have First Date and Last Date parameters for Date & Time prompt , which will restrict the user from selecting randomn dates from the prompt . Statically we can set it in the Report studio . But how to set this dynamically (i.e each time when report is loaded , this should set automatically . e.g , suppose if report loads , first date and last date should be respectively 2012-11-07 and 2013-02-07 . Is it possible through Javascript ?
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    Re: How to control First Date and Last date parameters dynamically ?

    To Answer your questions can this be done by Java Script? Yes.
    Option 1)this can be done through java script
    Option 2)you can create a prompt query on the time dimension to get max and min values by applying the filtering criteria for the query as date between 2012-11-07 and 2013-02-07 and select the prompt. the nyou can create two prompts Form date and To date and associate the Min and max values to the prompts.
    i am not sure why you want have a prompt page when the idea is to restrict the users entering any values in the date prompt, you can hard the values in the query itself