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Pinned topic DB2 ESE Windows server 2008 R2 - Can't install fix packs!!!

‏2013-02-07T12:18:05Z |
Hi, I am having major problems when attempting to install Fix Pack 6 for DB2 ESE. The GA installed fine - default install with a bespoke installation path. I have downloaded the latest fix pack and extracted. I follow the instructions for windows to the letter i.e. stop all services and run setup.exe as administrator. The issue I have is that when I hit 'Install a Product', I only have the 'Install New' buttons for 'DB2 ESE Version 9.7 Fix pack 6' but I should have 'Work with Existing' in order to apply the fix to my existing instance.

I see 'Work with Existing' under the 'DB2 Spatial Extender Version 9.7 Fix Pack 6', 'InfoSphere Federation Server Relational Wrappers Version 9.7 Fix Pack 6' and 'InfoSphere Federation Server Nonrelational Wrappers Version 9.7 Fix Pack 6' but if I click those I am shown my DB2 copy (copy name, install path etc.) but 'Launch DB2 Setup wizard' is greyed out.

I have installed DB2 as a pre-requisite to IBM license metric tool so I have been following the quick install guide for ILMT. I am at the step to install DB2 Fix Pack 6 or above before I can move on and install fix pack 1 for ILMT so I am well and truly stuck!

Any ideas people? I've tried all sorts to no avail. Perhaps a known issue with 64-bit systems?

Kind Regards,