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Pinned topic Active report- comparison of two products in the same chart

‏2013-02-07T09:35:42Z |
Hi Guys,

I need to create an active report in which I have a chart which will show me the comparison of Rev generated by two diffrent products w.r.t Time.
I am using two 'Data drop down lists' to show products. And the chart is in the Data Deck.

The 'container select' property of Data deck is set as "Product in vProduct And Product1 in vProduct1".
where 'vProduct' and 'vProduct1' variables is set by Data drop down lists resp.

I have specified the Master-Detail relationship from deck to chart. In chart, I have created two data items with exp something like "tuple(Rev, Product.Product.Product->?p_Product?,.....<other dimension>" & "tuple(Rev, Product.Product.Product->?p_Product1?,.....<other dimension>" and master detail to link Data items from deck to ?p_product? ?p_product1?.

But I am not able to see the expected output.I cannot figure out where is the problem.

Its really urgent. Any help would be appreciated.