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Pinned topic Totals within Totals

‏2013-02-07T04:28:18Z |
Hi There

I have created report to show all values in crosstab whether they a value or not. I then have created total both in rows and the columns. To that end I wondering if anyone see this behavior before. I have a created a set on the dimension side but the total is doing the whole report not on the set. It seems to bypassing it for some reason.

Here is the set data item

Set(Declined,No Change,Overridden On Suggested Out Tol,Overridden On UnSuggested,Suggested - No Action)

Here is the calculation

total(total(Post Avg Weekly Units for Not Followed)-total(Pre Avg Weekly Units for Not Followed) for Not Followed)/total(Pre Avg Weekly Units for Not Followed)

I will also include the outputs