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‏2013-02-06T23:55:01Z |
Greetings -

I have a custom view that is bound to a list of name value pairs. I open the coach containing the view make the changes and afterwards the values are not reflective of the changes I made. I have dumped out the data from the bound object when I change it and it has the correct data but when I dump it on the server side, the values are not correct ( original values ). Since it is a list and not a simple datatype I could be updating it improperly. I am desiring to replace the value of the value property of an existing item in the list. I am essentially setting the value like this:

var boundObject = this.context.binding.get("value");
boundObject.itemsboundIndex.value = newValue;
this.context.binding.set("value", boundObject);

It there another way? Or what is the appropriate way?

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