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Pinned topic array of data going away

‏2013-02-06T21:29:53Z |
I am having an issue in rbd 8.5 where the first time you go into a screen and pull up an array of data everything works fine. when you change selection criteria or just hit but submit button to redisplay the array goes away. I have put displays in the program and the data is in the array and refreshed in both prerender and postrender. In the function that gets the data he does a 'set array empty'. If i take that out it changes the behavior but i dont get the entire array. I have noticed however, whether the 'set empty' is in or not, when i highlight the url and hit enter, i get the data as i should. Does anyone have any idea on what could be going on? Any advice would be appreciated. Also, all of this worked as coded in rbd version 6.x. We also recently upgraded to webspere version 8. thanks.