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Pinned topic RPE output to WORD: total page count

‏2013-02-06T20:39:29Z |
I have used the method in the included link to define two master pages each with a field containing the field code: 'Section Pages' to count the total number of pages in a section. Master Page 1 contains the introduction (5 pages) and Master Page 2 contains a table (3 pages). The table contains several rows and automatically fills three pages, which become numbered "Page 1 of 3" to "Page 3 of 3." This is great.

The problem: The introduction has a few parts, which each need to begin on a new page (numbering "Page 1 of 5" to "Page 5 of 5", so I have put each of those into each seperate container which each calling the Master Page 1 within the template content. However, each container is considered a new section, so they are all numbered "Page x of 1." How can I make them begin on a new page but maintain the continuous counting?

Background: I tried putting all parts in the Introduction into one container as different paragraphs with section or page breaks between them, but this also makes the numbering restart.

thank you!
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    Re: RPE output to WORD: total page count


    you should try the solution I have provided in the page count thread as it is much simpler than the current approach.


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