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Pinned topic Liberty and REST/JSON, Hibernate, Jersey and Derby

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A newcomer question, just starting with Eclipse Nuno and WAS Liberty Edition. I´m trying to implement a sample described in the dW site which implements a small framework for DOJO, REST/JSON and relational database handling ( see ).

Question: Where to include the external .jars from Hibernate, Jersey and Derby components when using WAS 8.5 Liberty Edition? I've tried to add them under WEB-INF/lib but so far no success when starting the appliction in the Liberty. The package build looks normal, but the REST resources does not activate in the server. Is there any server-side console, or debug that confirms the class load?

Hints are welcome.
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    Re: Liberty and REST/JSON, Hibernate, Jersey and Derby

    an Update: A few tweaks was required to make the sample run in WAS 8.5:

    . Rename the folder SoccerOrg to SoccerOrgOld
    . Create a Dynamic Web Project project named SoccerOrg, associated with a project type
    Tomcat 6.
    . Copy the SoccerOrgOld/src to SoccerOrg/src (overwrite it)
    . Copy the contents of SoccerOrgOld/war para SoccerOrg/WebContent (overwrite it)
    . Copy the external libs into a WebContent/WEB-INF/lib (Derby, Hibernate and Jersey)

    Yet an issue with DOJO grid display is open, but REST/JSON and JPA persistance works fine, watching the data and JSON inside the Firebug protocol debug.