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Pinned topic Start a process from REST API

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Need your support in Starts a new BPD instance from REST API, first what is the difference between Process Application ID VS BPD ID.
Second, I always have a problem with passing JSON paramaters, I'm using 7.5.1 yet always get error message "CWTBG0543E" although I'm using a simple variable to receive the Paramaters
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    Re: Start a process from REST API

    Process App is the Container of all BPDS . BPD is one of the several Library Items(ArtiCrafts) in Process App.
    tw.system.findProcessAppByName("Name of Process App").Id will give the Process App Id
    tw.system.defaultSnapshotId.findProcessbyName("BPD Name").id gives BPD ID
    and use Read from HTTP Service in System or Coaches toolkit and pass parameters including REST API Url for starting the method
    see http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/websphere/library/techarticles/1108_thaker/1108_thaker.html?ca=drs- for REST URl under BPD REST APIS