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Pinned topic Microchart within a Crosstab in Active Report

‏2013-02-06T10:56:48Z |

I have a requirement of displaying the "Product" details in which a "Microchart" is inserted in a "Crosstab". The data in the crosstab is filtered based on the year selected. A master-detail relation is established between the "Crosstab" and the "Chart" on the "Year" column.

While running the report a prompt page appears for the "Year". This is applicable for all columns used in the master-detail relation and it does not matter whether the Crosstab and Chart use the same query or not.

Please note no parameters are created and used in the report.

Kindly suggest a way to avoid the prompt page and directly showns the report page
with the selected date.

Please find the attached document detailing the issue with the screenshots.
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    Re: Microchart within a Crosstab in Active Report

    Your attachment did not make it.... from what I gather from your post is that you are being prompted when running a report, even though you do not have a prompt defined.

    If that is the case have a look at the report again and make sure you do not have a prompt defined anywhere. You could open up the spec in notepad and search for the ?.

    If there truely are no prompts, and no layout component references to prompt objects, the prompt maybe defined in the model. To test this, remove data items until the prompt disappears.