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I'm working in AS400 with RPGLE and i would like learn EGL. I want to develop my skills a web based developer. Can some one share documents-links-tutorial to learn EGL. In the begin i would like to create a simple project that show records from an existing table on As400

Thans in advance
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    Would you like to sit back and watch a free video series on the essentials of EGL? Essential EGL+Batch is focused on basic, fundamental concepts of EGL generation to Java based upon the free license and open source EGL Development Tools version 0.8.2. Instead of jumping into EGL Rich UI and web service providers, it starts with the simplest model: EGL+Batch. It might be a good place to start. For example, learn about a "delegate" before you create your first EGL Rich UI Handler so that you can actually understand the code you write. It might be a way to get a taste for it, build a prototype using it and prove that EGL is a good strategy. Much of the video applies to Rational Business Developer. Thanks for watching.