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Pinned topic How can we change the default error handler?

‏2013-02-06T08:41:09Z | mdm-migration
I've seen a configuration property called error_handler in our file. This property is set to com.dwl.base.error.DWLErrorMessageComponent if I change it to a different error handler class the server still uses the default DWLErrorMessageComponent.

We need to change the error handler to retrieve the error messages from properties files instead of the database and this seems to be the way to do it.
Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work.

How can we change the error handler and load our error messages from properties files?

We're using MDM Server 9.0.2.

Thank you.
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    Re: How can we change the default error handler?

    Looks like we're the only ones that would like a bit more control over our error handling.

    Does someone now if this is at least possible with MDM Server version 10?