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Pinned topic RPT is getting stuck while trying to collect the test data

‏2013-02-06T06:19:34Z |
RPT is getting stuck while trying to collect the test data, and as a result of this, one can not do any operation on RPT. At last I do not left with any other option then to kill the RPT process. Once you kill the RPT process and then start the RPT again to see logs, it will show some old state of your test, as in, even after your test has completed, and if log collector got stuck in between, it will show that your test is still Ramping/Running. So, even after the your test is complete you can not see the correct logs for the same.

This scenario is coming in two cases, while the test is running and after the test has completed its test execution. I am attaching a screen shot of the same.

Has anyone seen such a behavior in their RPT Instance?
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    Re: RPT is getting stuck while trying to collect the test data

    Are you sure it's stuck and not just taking a long time to process because of the volume of test log data?

    Try setting the test log levels to default values of All/All/Primary Test Actions and sampling 5 users per user group. If that fixes it then it could be due to the amount of test log data.

    Also check the max heap setting for the workbench in eclipse.ini. 1200m or 1024m is recommended. Higher values can cause memory problems for the workbench and those sorts of problems tend to appear during test log transfer.

    Make sure there is not some basic problem such as insufficient disk space on the workbench and on each agent machine.

    Otherwise, this situation would require contacting customer support.