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Pinned topic BC-S - Assignment of ethernet ports

‏2013-02-05T22:42:00Z |
All - I am stumped. I have a BC-S,running it for 5 years, with the IBM connectivity module, with 6 ethernet ports. I have added yet another blade, and I want to use it as a gateway/proxy server, with a direct connection to our router. Then the proxy software (MS Forefront TMG) could utilize that external connection with the router, and use the second nic on the blade to communicate with the rest of the network. But I cannot figure how the port mapping function works or what it does. I have the port mapping set up so each external port is in a different group, and each blade is in a corresponding group - one external port to each blade. For example, the new blade 6 is assigned to external port 6. But if I disconnect that ethernet cord, nothing changes - same connections as before. I have also read that the module is a switch - so what does port mapping do? Is there a way for one blade to exclusively use one external port? Do I have to create a separate VLAN? Apparently the basics are escaping me. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.